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  • Thomás Filipe

    Thomás Filipe

  • Giuliano Vilela

    Giuliano Vilela

  • Markus Scorelius

    Markus Scorelius

    Mark is an avid reader, passionate and curious researcher on various topics. Writer of Creative Fiction and Thoughtful borderline non-fiction.

  • Naama Maia

    Naama Maia

  • Roger Courville

    Roger Courville

    Speaker, author, coach on presenting virtually (webinars, webcasts etc.); bad guitarist; good dad; pretty sure ADD has too many letters; also at @RogerCourville

  • chris masese

    chris masese

  • Johnson Martin

    Johnson Martin

    Founder of TopologyGuides.com , @DigitalLife3D Contributor, #b3d Artist, and @AsburyUniv Student.

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